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Photo Policy – We allow non-professional cameras (SLRs are acceptable, but no zoom lenses, tri-pods, etc) at our shows without requiring a photopass. Please note that certain venues have restrictions that we cannot control, but you do not need to seek our authorization to photograph Tegan and Sara concerts for personal use. However, we request that you respect other concert goers’ experience while taking photos.

Meet And Greets –  We will do our best to announce any opportunities that arise to meet the band (such as meet and greet ticket packages, in-stores appearances or radio sessions) via this website, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Autograph Requests – Due to the overwhelming volume of autograph requests, we are no longer able to mail autographed items. We occasionally have signed items available for auction to benefit certain charities that we support, and in those instances information will be posted in the News section of this site.

Fake Tegan and Sara Profiles/Emails – Please note that neither Tegan nor Sara have emails, nor any personal profiles on any social networking sites (ie. Twitter, Facebook or Myspace), so any emails/profiles claiming to be them are illegitimate. If you receive any emails from or, please forward to so we can investigate. The URLs below are the only official sites that we maintain ourselves:

as well as a profile on google+
That said, there are many legitimate Tegan and Sara fansites around the world, which we fully support.

Please address mail to Superclose Music rather than Tegan, Sara or other specific names, mail addressed to specific individuals, or requiring signatures, may end up being returned to sender due to security restrictions at the post office that are out of our control.
Superclose Music
Box 8389
Victoria, BC V8W 3R9
Due to the overwhelming volume of mail received, we cannot read or respond to most messages.
Please note this is a PO Box, not a physical address.

Due to the overwhelming volume of emails received, we cannot read or respond to most messages
If you have a issue arising from an online merchandise order please contact the specific online store you are purchasing from (Canada – Maple Music, USA – Warner Bros. or UK – Firebrand) and they can address it. Other merch queries can be sent to

MANAGEMENT – Worldwide
Amelia Artists Inc

RECORD LABEL – Worldwide
Warner Bros. Records
Vapor Records

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Naked In A Snowsuit Publishing (SOCAN)