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As you all know – we love sunglasses. We’ve been lucky enough to be gifted A LOT of them this past year from some of our favourite sunglass companies. In addition to those gifts, we also find ourselves purchasing new ones on tour. And at home. And online. :)

The sunglasses have started to pile up.

So, rather than shamefully hiding the excess under our beds, we have decided to put them to better use.

In honour of the holidays and the act of giving we are going to do our own T+S version of the 12 days of Christmas and auction off 12 pairs of our sunglasses with all proceeds going to the Southern Law Poverty Center. Starting TODAY!

For the next 12 days – please go here to participate in Tegan and Sara’s 12 days of Shades.

Tegan xo

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More So Jealous X Audio Premieres http://www.teganandsara.com/more-so-jealous-x-audio-premieres/ http://www.teganandsara.com/more-so-jealous-x-audio-premieres/#comments Thu, 11 Dec 2014 21:08:51 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6252 [read more...]]]>

When we put together our retrospective collection celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of So Jealous, we immediately thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some of our original demos with you. Our fans have always been so interested in our recording process, so what better way to remember songs that you were so intimate with, than to hear them at their inception! On the other hand, we also wanted to give the songs new life, so we chose some of our favourite remixes to add to the collection. We are getting closer to our release date on Dec 23, so we wanted to share a couple more songs from the Bonus Audio CD to get you excited!

Billboard has premiered Downtown, a demo version of one of the studio tracks from the original studio album .

“A love song, plain and simple. I would wait all day hoping to see the girl I liked, watching the street down below to see if she’d come by. There was a metro/subway stop visible from my apartment’s windows and I’d stare at the stream of people going in and out of it. It was the dead of winter in Montreal and I hadn’t yet bought a proper winter coat. I would go out to see afternoon films and nearly freeze to death on the walk downtown.”
- SKQ on Downtown, a passage from So Jealous X

SPIN is premiering the Royal refix of So Jealous Today.

“I want the ocean right now” was a tantrum I would throw when my life wasn’t working out as I hoped. It meant that I wanted to go home, back out west, back to my old life. It was a threat and a challenge, to myself but also to anyone in striking distance.”
- SKQ on So Jealous, a passage from So Jealous X

So Jealous X is available for pre-order now! Get more info, including a full track listing for the Bonus Audio CD at sojealousx.com.

Tegan and Sara xoxo

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Everything Is Awesome – GRAMMYs Nomination http://www.teganandsara.com/everything-is-awesome-grammys-nomination/ http://www.teganandsara.com/everything-is-awesome-grammys-nomination/#comments Fri, 05 Dec 2014 22:39:19 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6247 [read more...]]]>

Wow! Everything Is Awesome has been nominated in the category of Best Song Written for Visual Media by The GRAMMYs! We had such a great time singing on the track with The Lonely Island!

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Bill 10 and GSA’s in Alberta http://www.teganandsara.com/bill-10-and-gsas-in-alberta/ http://www.teganandsara.com/bill-10-and-gsas-in-alberta/#comments Fri, 05 Dec 2014 03:51:52 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6242 [read more...]]]>

We are encouraged by the latest news from our home province of Alberta, that the Premier has put the third reading of Bill 10 on hold, due to mounting public pressure. So if you were a part of that, we thank you! This provides us with an opportunity to ensure the next version of this bill truly accomplishes the goal of prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The key issue of Bill 10 was that it allowed principals and school boards the ability to deny a student’s request to form a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) in their school.

In a country where marriage equality was achieved over a decade ago, it is absurd and shameful to make a political issue out of the right of our LGBTQA youth to access the proper support services.

Growing up in Calgary in the 1980s wasn’t easy for twin sisters with gender confusion. High school in the 1990s was even harder – when we both realized we were gay. At the time there were no gay characters on TV, there was nothing on the internet, and there was no such thing as a Gay-Straight Alliance. Through the support of friends, and because of music, we persevered, but the same was not true for all LGBTQ kids of that time, nor would it be true today. Suicide is the second highest cause of death in Canada for youth age 10-24. Low self-esteem, homelessness and alienation are all issues faced by LGBTQ youth. A High School Gay-Straight Alliance can be, in some cases, a life-saving safe space. It is also a place for youth to share and learn compassion, empathy, to educate each other, and to grow.

Today as we tour the world with our band, we meet young people everyday who share heartbreaking stories of struggle and pain, and victories too… the fight for equality is far from over. Bill 10 in it’s current state would subject students to more potential prejudice, discrimination, and unnecessary struggle. Calgary will always be our home, and because we care about the youth who are growing up there, we need to educate those who have the ability to influence this legislation; people of all ages who live in Alberta or who have friends or family there.

We applaud those who have made statements against this legislation. Calgary Pride, Josh Traptow, Jon Cornish, Ron Ghitter, Safe Schools Alberta, to name a few, and we urge all Albertans to continue to contact their MLAs.  Safeschoolsalberta.ca is a great place to start. Your voice could lead to a revision to the bill that reflects a future for the youth of Alberta that we can all be proud of.

Tegan and Sara

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Night Terrors of 1927′s “When You Were Mine” Music Video! http://www.teganandsara.com/night-terrors-of-1927s-when-you-were-mine-music-video/ http://www.teganandsara.com/night-terrors-of-1927s-when-you-were-mine-music-video/#comments Tue, 02 Dec 2014 15:33:25 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6236 [read more...]]]>

Hello friends,

We collaborated with Night Terrors of 1927 on the track “When You Were Mine,” which is included on their incredible new EP Anything to Anyone. We’re excited to say that you can finally feast your eyes on the music video – it’s premiering right now on Rolling Stone at http://rol.st/1yePXcb!

Hope you love the video as much as we do!!!

xoTegan and Sara

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Holiday Merchandise! http://www.teganandsara.com/holiday-merchandise/ http://www.teganandsara.com/holiday-merchandise/#comments Wed, 26 Nov 2014 19:57:14 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6230 [read more...]]]>

With the holidays just around the corner (seriously, where does the time go?) we’re excited to launch a few pieces of seasonal merchandise!

First off, we have a T+S Ornament with the same art from the Lipstick t-shirt that we debuted on tour – designed by E.E. Storey!

We also have a 2015 calendar featuring some of our favourite photos from Heartthrob. We’ll be taking some time off next year to write and record, but we promise this calendar will make the distance a little more bearable. It even includes special T+S dates like album anniversaries and our birthday!

We made up a discount bundle so you can save $5 if you want to get both. There are a few other discount bundles available too. Have a look at all the new items in the store at http://teganandsara.warnerbrosrecords.com/!

xoTegan and Sara

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So Jealous X Audio Premieres! http://www.teganandsara.com/so-jealous-x-audio-premieres/ http://www.teganandsara.com/so-jealous-x-audio-premieres/#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:00:31 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6216 [read more...]]]>

One of the elements of So Jealous X that we are most excited about is the Bonus Audio CD. It contains remixes, covers and some of our original demos for the album, plus a few unreleased b-sides. We have lived with these songs for 10 years now, and it’s thrilling to share them with you and also to hear some of them re-imagined in a modern way. We’ll be premiering a few of the songs over the coming weeks to give you a taste.

Time.com is premiering When I Get Up, a b-side that has been occasionally performed, but never released.

“One afternoon I took out my guitar and starting fiddling around with the chords to this song. At some point, when I hit on a good melody, I remember her casually spinning around on her desk chair and handing me paper and a pen to write down whatever it was I had just sung. She and I laughed for weeks about this. We came up with some clever title for her, though I can’t remember what: “songwriting stenographer” or something equally clunky.”
- TRQ on When I Get Up, a passage from So Jealous X

Stereogum is premiering the Manila Kila remix of Walking with a Ghost.

“The lyric “I was walking with a ghost” was my way of describing the feeling of being haunted by memories. It was important to me that we capture the helplessness of obsessive thinking and the stranglehold that anxiety could have on my mind.”
- SKQ on Walking with a Ghost, a passage from So Jealous X

So Jealous X is available for pre-order now! Get more info, including a full track listing for the Bonus Audio CD at sojealousx.com.

Tegan and Sara xox

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New Merch in Warner US Shop http://www.teganandsara.com/new-merch-in-warner-us-shop/ http://www.teganandsara.com/new-merch-in-warner-us-shop/#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:27:28 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6222 [read more...]]]>

We’re excited to say that our full tour merch line is now available online in our Warner US store, along with a few extra goodies such as our new Cats T-Shirt, Tea Gun T-Shirt and Heartthrob Toque! And don’t forget about our So Jealous X retrospective collection! Pre-order is on now for both the Deluxe Box Sets and The Book!

Shop here: http://teganandsara.warnerbrosrecords.com/

xoTegan and Sara

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So Jealous and you in 2004 http://www.teganandsara.com/so-jealous-and-you-in-2004/ http://www.teganandsara.com/so-jealous-and-you-in-2004/#comments Fri, 14 Nov 2014 19:30:29 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6210 [read more...]]]>

When you think about 2004, it doesn’t seem very long ago. Then you look at pictures of yourself in 2004 and think, oh wait, wow, yeah that was 10 years ago. The pant legs alone! Shocking.

We’ve been sharing lots of photos of us in that era, but we’d like to see what YOU looked like back when you first heard So Jealous. Do you have photos of yourself at one of our shows? Or of you wearing some So Jealous era merch? We’d love to see your photos and hear your stories. Tag them with #SoJealousX on your social network of choice or send them into info@teganandsara.com and we’ll re-post some of them on the feed at sojealousx.com. We’ll randomly choose 3 people who posted their photos to win a So Jealous X Deluxe Box Set on December 15, so get out those shoeboxes of photos and dig deep!

Tegan and Sara xo

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So Jealous X Pre-Order! http://www.teganandsara.com/so-jealous-x-pre-order/ http://www.teganandsara.com/so-jealous-x-pre-order/#comments Wed, 12 Nov 2014 21:57:54 +0000 admin http://www.teganandsara.com/?p=6190 [read more...]]]>


For the last 6 months we’ve been hard at work on a special 10th anniversary re-release of our record So Jealous. Because So Jealous changed the course of our sound, our career and most importantly our lives we didn’t want to just re-release the record.  Instead we wanted to re-ignite the fire that inspired us to make the record in the first place and hopefully allow it to reach a whole new audience.

We’ve pulled together essays, original journal entries from that time period, never before seen photos, a catalogue of merchandise, tour posters, tour laminates and a million other fun items for a 110 page hard cover book looking back at the record that helped us break out in a big way.

Within the book you’ll find 3 discs:
  • The original So Jealous
  • The Bonus Audio CD with 5 new electronic remixes, 3 cover songs from artists we love, 5 b-sides and 9 demos from that time period – including a few that you’ve definitely never heard before!
  • A DVD with a live concert and other fun tour documentaries we released in 2006 called “It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do it!” 

In addition to ALL that content, new and old, we’ve also come up with some pretty awesome, creative and inspired bundles for the die hard fan that wants So jealous era merchandise, vinyl and a whole whack of other cool T+S stuff!

The pre-order is on NOW, so go now to sojealousx.com to find out more about the book, the music, the merchandise and more, or right to the store to order your very own, at http://smarturl.it/sojealousx.preorder!

Thanks for the support and love all these years you guys! We hope you enjoy what we’ve come up with!

xoTegan and Sara

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